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Haemodialysis in the comfort of your own home.

What services do we provide?

Calluna Care aims to deliver a comprehensive Home Haemodialysis service covering all aspects of the patient’s journey starting from the referral from their existing renal unit to their ongoing dialysis at home.

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A bespoke home haemodialysis training facility

We will set up a modern, separate dialysis area close to the local dialysis hospital. This facility will be specifically designed for patients to learn to do Home Haemodialysis in a safe setting.

We will ensure that there is adequate patient parking, disabled access, a reception area with a waiting area, adequate toilet facilities and free wifi.

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Delivery of the training to patients

Our experienced haemodialysis medical and nursing team will make contact with interested patients at their existing place of hospital dialysis. We will provide information about Home Haemodialysis to each patient and we will provide an initial assessment to confirm if they are suitable to dialyse at home.

We will invite patients to train with our experienced Home Haemodialysis Nurse Training Team that will be overseen by a Consultant clinician.

We will ensure that when patients have met all the competencies set out in our training programme and when both we and the patient are confident about their ability to perform their own dialysis, we will organise their transfer home and supervise them during this transition.

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Organise the installation of home haemodialysis equipment into patient's homes

Our team of experienced technicians along with our dialysis nurses will provide an initial visit to each patient’s home to listen to which room in their house/flat they would like to dialyse in. If their initial location is not possible due to technical issues related to the installation, our team will work with each patient to try to find an alternative room in their property that both meets their needs and is technically feasible.

When the training is nearing completion, the technical team will organise a day to perform the installation and test the system.

Should a patient come off the Home Haemodialysis programme, we will provide a de-installation service that will make good any alterations that were previously made.

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Provide the dialysis machine, the reverse osmosis unit and all hardware to be able to perform haemodialysis at home

We will provide the Haemodialysis Machine, the Reverse Osmosis Unit and all the Hardware required to perform the Haemodialysis treatment at Home.

Our delivery team will ensure that the equipment is delivered to the patient’s home and our technical team will then connect and test the complete installation.

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The ongoing maintenance of the equipment

Each piece of dialysis equipment provided will undergo routine servicing at pre-determined time intervals.

If a fault develops, we will provide technical assistance to the patient at their home. If the fault cannot be fixed on site, a replacement machine will be provided in lieu of the machine removed.

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The ongoing supply of dialysis consumables.

Our in house service will take monthly orders from each patient with regards their Haemodialysis consumables

We will organise with each patient a suitable time to deliver these consumables to their home.

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