Patient Lifecycle

Haemodialysis in the comfort of your own home.


Training of Patient

6-8 weeks

We recommend that patients be comfortable with Shared Care prior to beginning their training.

We will focus on aseptic technique, setting up and priming the machine, becoming familiar with dialysis access, dialysis trouble shooting and medication administration.

Each patient will learn how to perform their own dialysis treatment at their own speed and usually become competent between 6-8 weeks.


Home Set-up & Provision of Machine

2 days

Patients will agree a date with our own experienced technical team to install the haemodialysis fixture in the chosen room of their home and our own team will deliver and connect the dialysis equipment the following day and test the installation.


Monitor & Check-up at Home

Week 1, Week 2, Week 3 & Week 8

Each patient will be heavily supported by our nursing team as they transition to dialysing at home during their 1st week at home and if they are progressing well this support is gradually reduced during the 2nd and 3rd week. They will then receive a further review at home in their 8th week.


Equipment Maintenance & Service Queries

Patients can call our technical team 24/7 for technical queries and we will visit to review any ongoing technical issues. Replacement machines are available to ensure patients do not miss a treatment. We will organise with each patient the ongoing regular service of their dialysis equipment.


Ongoing Provision of Consumables

Patients will be able to order monthly delivery of their dialysis consumables which we will deliver to their homes on an agreed date.

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