Be in Control, at Home

Haemodialysis in the comfort of your own home.

What we do

Calluna Care is a private company providing a holistic home haemodialysis service enabling patients to improve their quality of life, regain their independence and have flexibility in when they want their treatment.

We aim to work in partnership with the NHS to make this treatment accessible to all whilst simultaneously adding value to the NHS in a cost-effective way.

The Services We Provide

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Why Home Haemodialysis?

Haemodialysis is a life saving treatment for patients whose kidneys no longer work. The vast majority of haemodialysis patients in the UK need to travel long distances to a hospital based centre to be dialysed 3 times each week and each treatment session lasts 4 hours. There is little flexibility in changing days or times of their dialysis treatment.

Home Haemodialysis allows patients to deliver this same treatment themselves in their very own home, in their own time, when they want.

Read more about the UK situation

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The Benefit

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Better Health Outcomes
Better Psychological Health
Greater Autonomy and Independence
Ability to maintain a regular job
Lower Infection Risk esp Covid
Financially more sustainable for NHS
Follows NHS Long Term Plan principles of greater care in the community

Our Green Credentials

We are a socially responsible company that is committed to sustainability. We have set up this company with the core ambition to help people and are aware that this can be combined with our duty to also look after the planet. Through helping patients dialyse at home we are reducing the carbon footprint created by the repeated journeys to dialysis units far from their home.

We recycle consumable waste where possible and will only use electric vehicles in our fleet. Our training facility will be of the highest energy ratings powered principally with renewable energy.

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